Report lost pigeon

* At least one contact field is required

You should find 3 or 4 pieces of data on pigeon's ring (depending on country). Every pigeon has unique combination of ring data.

  1. Country code: usually 2 or more characters describing country of origin. Examples: SK, CZ, HUNG, AUSTRIA, NL, BELG...
  2. Year: 2 or 4 digits describing year of pigeon's hatching. Examples: 02, 10, 14 or 2002, 2010, 2014...
  3. Organisation (optional): used only by some federations (Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, German...). Code of organisation usually starts by zero. Please do not mix it with ring number. Examples: 0107, 0400, 03779... Sometimes it can be special string like DERBY, OLIMPIA, VR98, M-55, PZHGP
  4. Ring number: numeric value, unique for ring series. Examples: 12, 397, 12556...

Please always use this specific order while reporting a lost pigeon. You can separate the data by white space, dash, comma, colon or semicolon...


  • SK 12 02302 841
  • CZ 08 0245 652
  • DV 12 03548 3214
  • BELG 11 1254788
  • PL 11 PZHGP 45878
  • PL 14 0235 6874
  • HU 11 D 45878
  • HU 14 06 6548

International reporting tools for lost pigeons

List of reported pigeons


Band number Pigeon condition Date Reported by Fancier Organisation Detail
PL-2021-064-5299 Dead 13.07.2024 Agnes Petersen Not available Not available
SK-2024-0804-1318 Injured 13.07.2024 Rado Not available OZ Spiš
NL-2024-8388965 Exhausted 13.07.2024 Ruth Ferber Not available OZ Trnava
HU-2019-15-27397 Able to fly 13.07.2024 Attila Not available Not available
SK-2023-0804-1300 Able to fly 13.07.2024 Attila Stríš Jozef OZ Spiš
SK-2024-01205-464 Dead 13.07.2024 Stanislav Snopko Not available OZ Prievidza
SK-2023-02607-721 Able to fly 13.07.2024 Michal Not available OZ Bardejov
ŠK-2024-01505-439 Able to fly 13.07.2024 Michal Not available OZ Kysucké Nové Mesto
HU-2020-D-573207 Exhausted 13.07.2024 REGÍNA Not available Not available
HU-2022-23-34561 Able to fly 13.07.2024 Péter Not available Not available
RO-2022-522196 Able to fly 13.07.2024 Michal Odrobina Not available OZ Trnava
CZ-2024-0259-275 Able to fly 13.07.2024 Roman Mikušinec Not available Not available
PL-2024-0219-3625 Able to fly 13.07.2024 Roman Mikušinec Not available Not available
PL-2023-0471-17209 Exhausted 13.07.2024 Kasia Not available Not available
SK-2022-0933-18 Able to fly 13.07.2024 Jana Švábová Not available Not available
SK-2022-01810-933 Injured 13.07.2024 Jana Švábová Šimek Stanislav OZ Levice
SK-2024-02516-592 Able to fly 12.07.2024 Miroslav Not available Not available
PL-2023-06607-708 Exhausted 12.07.2024 Jürgen Kirsch Not available Not available
SK-2024-02504-837 Dead 12.07.2024 Cmorej Matus Not available OZ Prešov
NL-2022-8196704 Exhausted 12.07.2024 Oliver Not available OZ Trnava
PL-2024-0482-1070 Dead 12.07.2024 Rafał Not available Not available
SK-2023-02307-684 Able to fly 12.07.2024 Galschneider Peter Not available OZ Spišská Nová Ves
SK-2019-02516-376 Able to fly 12.07.2024 Marek Fedor Stríš Jozef OZ Spiš
PL-2023-0366-6613 Injured 12.07.2024 Birte Schwarz Not available Not available
CZ-2021-0214-1016 Able to fly 12.07.2024 Ladicky ivan Not available Not available
SK-2023-0401-1015 Able to fly 12.07.2024 Tomáš Leikep Not available OZ Terchová
SK-2014-02407-874 Exhausted 12.07.2024 Jozef Not available OZ Košice
SK-2024-02007-550 Injured 12.07.2024 Adriana Brisudová Not available OZ Pezinok
SK-2017-2908-513 Able to fly 11.07.2024 marian Buc Štefan+Peter OZ Orava
NL-2024-8578207 Able to fly 11.07.2024 Jürgen Arens Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2017-2809-513 Able to fly 11.07.2024 marian vlček Not available Not available
SK-2021-0301-922 Able to fly 11.07.2024 Ivan Kováč Majdišová Anna OZ Ružomberok
PL-2024-0437-1059 Dead 11.07.2024 U Not available Not available
SK-2024-01305-986 Able to fly 11.07.2024 Július Bielek Not available OZ Považská Bystrica
SK-2024-0550-2007 Injured 11.07.2024 Adriana Brisudová Not available Not available
FR-2023-25 Exhausted 11.07.2024 Verena Brandmeier Not available OZ Trnava
PL-2024-0491-2077 Exhausted 11.07.2024 Ján Ševčík Not available Not available
NL-2022-8012821 Able to fly 11.07.2024 Stephan Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2019-01404-320 Exhausted 11.07.2024 Peter Psotny Not available OZ Žilina
PL-2024-046-9749 Dead 10.07.2024 Ľudovít Fuják Not available Not available
SK-2021-01808-908 Injured 10.07.2024 Marian Koprda Matúš OZ Levice
SK-2021-0802-557 Exhausted 10.07.2024 Fero Ing.Fábian Vladimír OZ Spiš
PL-2024-0447-6340 Exhausted 10.07.2024 Molnár Dia Not available Not available
CZ-2024-0197-1017 Able to fly 10.07.2024 Šefčík Bohuslav Not available Not available
PL-2024-050-2768 Able to fly 10.07.2024 Šefčík Bohuslav Not available Not available
SK-2024-03101-665 Able to fly 10.07.2024 Šefčík Bohuslav Not available OZ Liptovský Mikuláš
CZ-2024-067-2591 Able to fly 10.07.2024 F k Not available Not available
FR-2023-987 Exhausted 10.07.2024 Mikołaj Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2024-SK-1505 Able to fly 10.07.2024 Rudolf Boháč Not available Not available
CZ-2024-0262-57 Able to fly 09.07.2024 Miroslav Senkyr Not available Not available
SK-2024-02803-351 Able to fly 09.07.2024 Straka František Not available OZ Kežmarok
CZ-2024-0262-84 Able to fly 09.07.2024 Martin Mizerák Not available Not available
SK-2021-02302-1123 Exhausted 09.07.2024 Stanislav Talajka Ladislav Šidó OZ Bratislava
SK-2024-0701-920 Injured 09.07.2024 Galicz Vojtech Not available OZ Komárno
SK-2022-01307-481 Injured 09.07.2024 Marek Antropius Zaťko Ľuboš OZ Považská Bystrica
SK-2020-0304-221 Able to fly 09.07.2024 Pavol Gomola Homola Jozef OZ Ružomberok
PL-2018-0201-6413 Able to fly 09.07.2024 Ulrike Sjöström Not available OZ Senica
CZ-2024-0197-1007 Injured 09.07.2024 Jozef Belobrad Not available Not available
PL-2024-0482-6293 Exhausted 09.07.2024 Rafał Not available Not available
SK-2024-02209-17 Exhausted 09.07.2024 roman nahalka Not available OZ Poprad
SK-2021-01108-828 Dead 09.07.2024 Martin Not available OZ Topoľčany
SK-2020-01906-1300 Dead 09.07.2024 Martin Not available OZ Zvolen
HU-2017-10-23182 Dead 09.07.2024 Martin Not available Not available
SK-2023-01905-1241 Dead 09.07.2024 Martin Not available OZ Zvolen
PL-2022-0451-4706 Dead 09.07.2024 Palo Not available Not available
SK-2023-0999-3875 Able to fly 09.07.2024 Pali Not available Not available
SK-2023-02602-93 Able to fly 09.07.2024 Pali Not available OZ Bardejov
SK-2019-03402-1119 Able to fly 09.07.2024 Tichava František Kudelčík Jozef OZ Dubeň
SK-2021-0102-2748 Exhausted 08.07.2024 Zuzana Kmeťová Not available OZ Bratislava
SK-2024-0201-566 Exhausted 08.07.2024 Šarka Stöhrová Not available OZ Senica
SK-2020-01004-2628 Exhausted 08.07.2024 Filip Forgáč Not available OZ Nitra
SK-2020-02628-1004 Exhausted 08.07.2024 Filip Forgáč Not available Not available
SK-2022-01505-526 Dead 08.07.2024 Jiří Kovář, Sokolská 73, Bořitov Cavajda Ladislav OZ Kysucké Nové Mesto
SK-2024-0701-779 Able to fly 08.07.2024 Roman Šálek Not available OZ Komárno
FR-2006-96 Exhausted 08.07.2024 Alexandra Lagaly Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2024-0566-201 Injured 08.07.2024 Šarka Stöhrová Not available Not available
SK-2021-0SK24-566 Injured 08.07.2024 Šarka Stöhrová Not available Not available
SK-2019-01105-2305 Exhausted 08.07.2024 Michal Kubašovský Not available OZ Topoľčany
SK-2019-01006-118 Exhausted 08.07.2024 Tamara Tamašová Chrzasc Milan OZ Trnava
SK-2021-02748-102 Exhausted 08.07.2024 Zuzana Kmeťová Not available Not available
SK-2023-01205-878 Injured 08.07.2024 Marianna Sliepka E+D OZ Prievidza
SK-2023-03603-279 Injured 08.07.2024 Jozef Mach Štefan Barczi OZ Gemer
SK-2023-0106-11 Able to fly 08.07.2024 Rado Juraj Tahotný OZ Bratislava
SK-2024-M-55-2335 Able to fly 08.07.2024 Dohňanský František Not available Not available
SK-2021-M-55-4062 Able to fly 08.07.2024 Jozef Konš KOVÁČ LADISLAV OZ Trenčín
SK-2023-02007-570 Able to fly 08.07.2024 Petr Houra Not available OZ Pezinok
SK-2022-0201-3117 Exhausted 08.07.2024 Jozef Kováč Cák Vladimír OZ Senica
SK-2023-01004-736 Exhausted 08.07.2024 Lukáš Gálik Pavol OZ Nitra
RO-2023-2002372 Able to fly 08.07.2024 Dušan Marko Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2021-01905-2293 Exhausted 08.07.2024 Veronika Hašková Not available OZ Zvolen
SK-2023-03501-259 Able to fly 08.07.2024 Růžička Břetislav Záleta Jozef OZ Sabinov
PL-2024-050-4214 Injured 07.07.2024 Daria Rogowska Not available Not available
SK-2023-03504-1550 Able to fly 07.07.2024 Peter Not available OZ Sabinov
PL-2021-0452-9 Exhausted 07.07.2024 Joanna Byczkowska Not available Not available
BE-2024-317 Able to fly 07.07.2024 Verona Wiesner Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2024-03201-611 Able to fly 07.07.2024 Martin Spišiak Not available OZ Brezno
PL-2019-0321-9511 Exhausted 07.07.2024 Falko Hinz Not available Not available
SK-2019-02310-53 Able to fly 07.07.2024 Fero Patrik Vadel OZ Spišská Nová Ves
SK-2023-02311-1986 Able to fly 07.07.2024 Mayer Antonín Not available OZ Spišská Nová Ves
SK-2024-02110-119 Able to fly 07.07.2024 Martin Spišiak Not available OZ Rimavská Sobota
DV-2022-069-1924 Injured 07.07.2024 Marcin Not available Not available
CZ-2000-0143-257 Dead 07.07.2024 Hofer Christoph Not available Not available
SK-2024-01004-1865 Able to fly 07.07.2024 Ivan Not available OZ Nitra
SK-2022-01010-1062 Able to fly 07.07.2024 LUDO Not available OZ Nitra
NL-2024-8190306 Able to fly 07.07.2024 Vojtek Jozef Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2023-03102-755 Exhausted 07.07.2024 Peter Jakubčák Spišiak Miroslav OZ Liptovský Mikuláš
SK-2023-0708-95 Dead 07.07.2024 Heidemarie Makhali Imrich OZ Komárno
SK-2023-01602-326 Able to fly 07.07.2024 tibor cernansky Kadela Jaroslav OZ Čadca
SK-2024-02206-325 Injured 07.07.2024 Veterinárna klinika Poprad Not available OZ Liptovský Mikuláš
SK-2023-M-55-2583 Able to fly 07.07.2024 J,C Jozef Kelemeca OZ Spiš
PL-2021-0230-6104 Exhausted 07.07.2024 Ján Čarnogurský Not available Not available
DAN-2024-209-1768 Able to fly 07.07.2024 Johanna Not available Not available
SK-2024-0325-2206 Injured 07.07.2024 Veterinárna klinika Poprad Not available Not available
CZ-2021-085-892 Exhausted 07.07.2024 Jan Not available Not available
SK-2023-0708-15 Exhausted 07.07.2024 Pabar Gábor Neveri Peter OZ Komárno
RO-2022-1145512 Injured 07.07.2024 Juraj Pušš Not available OZ Trnava
BE-2003-671 Exhausted 07.07.2024 Martina Mansdorf Not available OZ Trnava
CZ-2023-0256-2550 Exhausted 07.07.2024 Jozef Not available Not available
SK-2023-01010-9 Able to fly 07.07.2024 Jakub Not available OZ Nitra
SK-2024-0106-581 Injured 06.07.2024 Katarína Eibnerova Not available OZ Bratislava
SK-2022-0294-1588 Able to fly 06.07.2024 Monika Kleinschuster Not available Not available
SK-2022-0110-577 Able to fly 06.07.2024 Monika Kleinschuster Pavol Kutiš OZ Bratislava
CZ-2024-0210-4618 Able to fly 06.07.2024 Miro Not available Not available
SK-2024-02302-225 Able to fly 06.07.2024 Ján Not available OZ Spišská Nová Ves
SK-2024-0307-117 Able to fly 06.07.2024 Andrej Dvorský Not available OZ Ružomberok
SK-2023-01602-504 Able to fly 06.07.2024 Murárik Márian Špila František OZ Čadca
HU-2023-26-32510 Exhausted 06.07.2024 Vladimir Tomana Not available Not available
SK-2024-01003-124 Able to fly 06.07.2024 milan Not available OZ Nitra
SK-2024-0607-136 Dead 06.07.2024 Skunk Not available OZ Trenčín
SK-2023-0501-461 Injured 06.07.2024 Lucia Peňáková Bobák Jaroslav OZ Trnava
SK-2023-0461-501 Injured 06.07.2024 Lucia Peňáková Not available Not available
SK-2023-03208-1175 Able to fly 06.07.2024 Pavel Šutinský Angleta František+Matúš OZ Brezno
SK-2022-0102-1332 Exhausted 06.07.2024 Radim Žák Dušan Švejda OZ Bratislava
SK-2022-01332-102 Exhausted 06.07.2024 Radim Žák Not available Not available
RO-2023-119912 Able to fly 06.07.2024 Lukáš Pravda Not available OZ Trnava
CZ-2021-0229-322 Exhausted 06.07.2024 Karl Hufnagl Not available Not available
SK-2023-0102-996 Exhausted 06.07.2024 Martin Böhm Eduard Čík OZ Bratislava
SK-2023-0996-102 Exhausted 06.07.2024 Martin Böhm Not available Not available
[SK-2023-718-2602 Dead 06.07.2024 Jan Madzik Not available Not available
SK-2022-02501-95 Exhausted 06.07.2024 Ladislav Kyseľ Huraj Peter OZ Prešov
SK-2023-01106-1163 Able to fly 06.07.2024 Tibor Gal Not available OZ Topoľčany
PL-2019-0449-1612 Exhausted 06.07.2024 Prvák Gabriel Not available Not available
SK-2024-02709-504 Exhausted 06.07.2024 Michal Tynik Not available OZ Michalovce
BE-2023-6074106 Dead 06.07.2024 Mirjam Schellekens Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2024-0805-235 Able to fly 06.07.2024 Kerekes Tibor Not available OZ Spiš
SK-2021-02210-285 Exhausted 06.07.2024 Tomáš sulik Kocúr František OZ Poprad
RO-2023-354428 Able to fly 06.07.2024 Miroslav Badinka Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2024-0706-361 Able to fly 06.07.2024 Géza Vincze Not available OZ Komárno
SK-2023-0604-1085 Exhausted 06.07.2024 Johanna Václav Ľubomír OZ Trenčín
BE-2023-1069328 Dead 05.07.2024 Claudia Reher Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2023-02305-1793 Able to fly 05.07.2024 Matúš Harnis Not available OZ Spišská Nová Ves
SK-2024-03501-665 Able to fly 05.07.2024 mv Not available OZ Sabinov
DV-2022-0O6565-374 Dead 05.07.2024 Albrecht, Christine Not available Not available
SK-2024-01205-601 Injured 05.07.2024 Lubos Not available OZ Prievidza
HU-2023-29-18309 Dead 05.07.2024 Frantisek Not available Not available
SK-2024-03506-881 Able to fly 05.07.2024 Milan Not available OZ Sabinov
CZ-2022-0281-704 Injured 05.07.2024 Ladislav Pavlíček Not available Not available
SK-2022-0201-4643 Exhausted 05.07.2024 Miloslav Široký Formánek L+A OZ Pezinok
SK-2024-0155-2001 Dead 05.07.2024 Robert Not available Not available
PL-2023-0400-2296 Able to fly 05.07.2024 Tobiasz Not available Not available
SK-2024-0581-106 Injured 05.07.2024 Katarína Eibnerova Not available Not available
S-2023-S10-343 Injured 04.07.2024 Jens Müller Not available Not available
SK-2023-M-55-167 Dead 04.07.2024 Kleinschuster Monika Vohlarik Milan OZ Trnava
SK-2023-01002-1651 Able to fly 04.07.2024 Lubomír Chovanec Not available OZ Nitra
SK-2023-0106-9 Able to fly 04.07.2024 Monika Kleinschuster Juraj Tahotný OZ Bratislava
SK-2022-0105-556 Able to fly 04.07.2024 Monika Kleinschuster František Konrád OZ Bratislava
SK-2023-0501-14 Able to fly 04.07.2024 Monika Kleinschuster Zeman Ján OZ Trnava
SK-2022-0107-461 Able to fly 04.07.2024 Monika Kleinschuster Jozef Fábry OZ Bratislava
PL-2023-076-7045 Dead 04.07.2024 Andreas R. Not available Not available
SK-2024-02103-232 Able to fly 04.07.2024 peter Kyzek Not available OZ Rimavská Sobota
SK-2021-0508-421 Exhausted 04.07.2024 Peter Dorotčin Matúš Luboš OZ Trnava
SK-2023-0603-1571 Able to fly 04.07.2024 Murárik Márian KONÍČEK JÁN OZ Trenčín
SK-2024-01102-131 Exhausted 04.07.2024 Lubomir Vaclav Not available OZ Topoľčany
SK-2023-01651-1002 Able to fly 04.07.2024 Lubomír Chovanec Not available Not available
SK-2021-02119-1040 Able to fly 04.07.2024 Jiři Kroupa MVDr.Zatroch Peter OZ Brezno
PL-2022-04915-224073 Injured 04.07.2024 Steffens Not available Not available
SK-2024-0999-5210 Exhausted 04.07.2024 Š. Nochta Not available Not available
NL-2022-8666740 Able to fly 04.07.2024 Karin Anton Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2024-01406-659 Able to fly 04.07.2024 Juraj Bugáň Not available OZ Žilina
SK-2022-0603-915 Able to fly 04.07.2024 Jozef Korec BARANČÍK JAROSLAV OZ Trenčín
SK-2017-0401-167 Able to fly 04.07.2024 Vladimír Ďurčo Mahut Jozef OZ Terchová
SK-2023-01107-21 Able to fly 04.07.2024 Viktor Dorotčin Poništiak Rudolf+Jakub OZ Topoľčany
PL-2023-0326-2310451 Dead 04.07.2024 Natalia Not available Not available
SK-2023-0906-169 Injured 04.07.2024 Pavlina Vojtova Angelov Ľudovít OZ Šurany
SK-2021-0501-1249 Dead 04.07.2024 Vojtech Ovečka Daniš Marek OZ Trnava
SK-2021-0591-1249 Dead 03.07.2024 Vojtech Ovečka Not available Not available
SK-2023-0347-23 Able to fly 03.07.2024 Andreas Riedel Not available Not available
PL-2024-0467-2544 Exhausted 03.07.2024 Grzegorz Not available Not available
SK-2021-01249-501 Dead 03.07.2024 Vojtech Ovečka Not available Not available
SK-2023-01703-1323 Exhausted 03.07.2024 josef Hanuska Peter OZ Martin
RO-2002-791 Exhausted 03.07.2024 Andrea Malzer Not available OZ Trnava
HU-2020-R-208290 Able to fly 03.07.2024 Stefanie Hofer Not available Not available
SK-2019-01803-843 Exhausted 03.07.2024 Miroslav Herbst Lecký Vladimír OZ Levice
SK-2022-M-55-3370 Able to fly 03.07.2024 Miroslav Herbst Šmehíl Ľubomír OZ Žilina
SK-2024-02311-309 Able to fly 03.07.2024 Pavol Huňady Not available OZ Spišská Nová Ves
SK-2022-03207-1475 Exhausted 03.07.2024 Ivana Krajčíková Maťko Jozef OZ Brezno
SK-2022-M-55-1392 Able to fly 03.07.2024 Zimmermann MALÝCH MILAN OZ Trenčín
NL-2023-905803 Dead 03.07.2024 Thomas Wischerhoff Not available OZ Trnava
RO-2021-555606 Able to fly 03.07.2024 Andrzej Not available OZ Trnava
RO-2022-479782 Exhausted 03.07.2024 Pavol Vaľa Not available OZ Trnava
NL-2024-8194969 Exhausted 03.07.2024 Wiola Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2022-0303-1025 Exhausted 03.07.2024 Pavla Hladká Čáni Ľudovít OZ Ružomberok
SK-2023-M-55-1239 Able to fly 03.07.2024 Miroslav Dvorák Vohlarik Milan OZ Trnava
SK-2014-PL-8415 Dead 03.07.2024 L. Goldmann Not available Not available
DV-2024-0477563204-6023118 Able to fly 03.07.2024 Schnare Not available Not available
SK-2023-0169-9060 Injured 03.07.2024 Pavlina Vojtova Not available Not available
SK-2019-0304-335 Exhausted 03.07.2024 Barbora Burkotová Kupčo Ján OZ Ružomberok
CRO-2020-30057 Able to fly 03.07.2024 Miroslav Badinka Not available OZ Trnava
HUňG-2022-10-61369 Exhausted 03.07.2024 Jan Not available Not available
SK-2022-02403-1621 Exhausted 03.07.2024 Tibor Kozel Milan OZ Košice
SK-2023-0305-797 Injured 03.07.2024 MIRO Kaprál Viliam OZ Ružomberok
SK-2024-02902-298 Exhausted 03.07.2024 Nikoletta Ferancová Not available OZ Orava
SK-2023-M-55-1612 Able to fly 03.07.2024 Stefan Leitner Not available Not available
SK-2024-01102-307 Able to fly 03.07.2024 POLIAK Not available OZ Topoľčany
SK-2023-0603-1333 Able to fly 02.07.2024 Emil Murárik RACLAVSKÝ MAR. MVDr. OZ Trenčín
SK-2023-0303-638 Able to fly 02.07.2024 GREGUŠ Maretta Jozef OZ Ružomberok
SK-2021-02310-121 Able to fly 02.07.2024 Mikunda Patrik Vadel OZ Spišská Nová Ves
RO-2022-342648 Exhausted 02.07.2024 Daniel Dudzik Not available OZ Trnava
CZ-2021-0222-2229 Exhausted 02.07.2024 Daniel Dudzik Not available Not available
SK-2024-02002-405 Able to fly 02.07.2024 Frantisek Kreml Not available OZ Pezinok
SK-2022-0108-163 Exhausted 02.07.2024 Popp Manfred Reicher + Martiš OZ Bratislava
SK-2024-0304-817 Able to fly 02.07.2024 Maciej Not available OZ Ružomberok
NL-2023-9637362 Able to fly 02.07.2024 Beate Not available OZ Trnava
CZ-2021-0205-788 Exhausted 02.07.2024 Miloš Hurta Not available OZ Senica
SK-2024-03507-1499 Able to fly 02.07.2024 Dušan Not available OZ Sabinov
HU-2020-06-49317 Exhausted 02.07.2024 Cornelia Lechner Not available Not available
SK-2024-0298-2902 Exhausted 02.07.2024 Nikoletta Ferancová Not available Not available
SK-2021-0704-838 Injured 02.07.2024 Meryem Özmen Agh Silvester OZ Šurany
PL-2023-O-453 Dead 02.07.2024 Ich Not available Not available
SK-2024-03404-824 Able to fly 02.07.2024 Ľuboš Not available OZ Dubeň
SK-2023-0512-987 Dead 02.07.2024 Jozef Cingel Hrnčár Jozef OZ Trnava
SK-2023-0304-679 Able to fly 02.07.2024 Marián Vorčák Not available OZ Ružomberok
SK-2021-0105-992 Exhausted 02.07.2024 JOZEF BELAK Jozef Schwarz OZ Bratislava
SK-2023-03301-18 Able to fly 02.07.2024 Ing.Skrbek Zdeněk Ciesarik Jozef OZ Bytča
SK-2022-01305-629 Dead 02.07.2024 Eliška Bednářová Behan Jozef OZ Považská Bystrica
SK-2024-02003-360 Exhausted 02.07.2024 Miroslav Rusnak Not available OZ Pezinok
SK-2022-0629-1305 Dead 02.07.2024 Eliška Bednářová Not available Not available
SK-2023-03207-2244 Able to fly 02.07.2024 Frantisek Bizovsky Pavla Ján OZ Brezno
SK-2024-0999-322 Able to fly 02.07.2024 Maria Not available Not available
SK-2022-02501-84 Exhausted 01.07.2024 Ryszard Šimčák Anton OZ Prešov
PL-2024-0175-7027 Exhausted 01.07.2024 Paulina Not available Not available
SK-2022-01307-498 Injured 01.07.2024 Roman Strnadel Zaťko Ľuboš OZ Považská Bystrica
SK-2023-0906-1404 Able to fly 01.07.2024 Maro Godány Frigyes OZ Šurany
SK-2021-02908-1304 Exhausted 01.07.2024 Petr Kovář Zoššák Jozef OZ Orava
SK-2021-01304-2908 Exhausted 01.07.2024 Petr Kovář Not available OZ Považská Bystrica
SK-2023-0405-205 Able to fly 01.07.2024 Jozef Pažitný Not available OZ Terchová
SK-2023-0706-145 Exhausted 01.07.2024 Sona Palkovicova Buzgó Ábel OZ Komárno
DV-2022-00454-268 Exhausted 01.07.2024 Peter Tokoš Not available Not available
NL-2020-1154277 Exhausted 01.07.2024 Sabine Frau Balster Not available OZ Trnava
CZ-2023-0174-33 Exhausted 01.07.2024 Roman Takáč Not available Not available
SK-2023-01702-857 Exhausted 01.07.2024 Stano Not available OZ Martin
SK-2023-01305-317 Able to fly 01.07.2024 Jiří Havlásek Belobrad Jozef OZ Považská Bystrica
SK-2024-0829-3404 Exhausted 01.07.2024 sona ostrochovska Not available Not available
HU-2024-01-22318 Able to fly 01.07.2024 József Farkas Not available Mega Customer
PL-2021-0329-2556 Able to fly 01.07.2024 Daisy-Jean Milotta Not available Not available
SK-2022-01703-378 Injured 01.07.2024 Laura Vladová Poništiak Rudolf+Jakub OZ Topoľčany
SK-2022-02607-82 Exhausted 01.07.2024 Milan Blahovský Felix Ladislav OZ Bardejov
SK-2021-0942-55 Dead 01.07.2024 Piotr Not available Not available
SK-2023-0505-249 Able to fly 01.07.2024 Forman Milan Chlebik Jan + Matej OZ Trnava
HU-2021-14-62159 Able to fly 01.07.2024 Eugen Sedlák Not available Not available
SK-2022-0104-1071 Dead 01.07.2024 Sarah Pintar Alojz Barbírik OZ Bratislava
SK-2023-0901-437 Exhausted 01.07.2024 Róbert Kišš M+A Petranioví+Petráš OZ Šurany
SK-2022-01503-241 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Jacek Zdzierak Kočiš Stanislav OZ Kysucké Nové Mesto
SK-2023-0708-118 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Martina Ružovičová Toth Tibor OZ Komárno
SK-2024-0609-795 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Václav Blažek Not available OZ Trenčín
SK-2023-01307-99 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Lucia Filiačová Not available OZ Považská Bystrica
SK-2024-0303-828 Able to fly 30.06.2024 M Not available OZ Ružomberok
CZ-2024-0259-804 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Celestin Košta Not available Not available
SK-2023-03605-66 Injured 30.06.2024 Celestin Košta Not available OZ Gemer
SK-2020-0609-834 Able to fly 30.06.2024 Pavel Skokan KOPRIVŇANSKÝ ONDREJ OZ Trenčín
SK-2022-0108-154 Injured 30.06.2024 Jan Filipi Reicher + Martiš OZ Bratislava
SK-2022-01810-291 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Johannes Nievoll Borčin Dušan OZ Levice
SK-2023-099-1307 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Lucia Filiačová Not available Not available
SK-2023-01605-77 Able to fly 30.06.2024 Patrik Kavčiak Šimon OZ Čadca
HU-2021-19-91289 Able to fly 30.06.2024 Barbirik Igor Not available Not available
SK-2022-02903-1405 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Ján Dendis Anton Svitek OZ Orava
SK-2023-0101-1081 Able to fly 30.06.2024 Pouzar Vlastimil Not available OZ Bratislava
SK-2013-023-374 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Anna Haan Not available Not available
SK-2022-01610-1781 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Silvia Pavlovičová Bernát Marián OZ Čadca
SK-2023-01303-438 Exhausted 30.06.2024 rudo Luhový Jozef OZ Považská Bystrica
HU-2023-04-32 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Eva Merklova Not available Not available
DV-2023-01905-170 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Lea Kleinschmidt Not available OZ Zvolen
SK-2024-0795-609 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Václav Blažek Not available Not available
SK-2023-01002-239 Injured 30.06.2024 Katarína Gombíková Adámek Stanislav OZ Nitra
SK-2023-02402-209 Dead 30.06.2024 Jennifer Langmann Kačmár Ondrej OZ Košice
SK-2023-0242-209 Dead 30.06.2024 Jennifer Langmann Not available Not available
RO-2022-553024 Able to fly 30.06.2024 Miroslav Badinka Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2022-03402-113 Able to fly 30.06.2024 Michal Polacek Belak Jozef + Maria OZ Dubeň
SK-2022-0504-104 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Lukáš Sabovčik Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2021-01906-238 Exhausted 30.06.2024 POTER Brzuľa Ondrej OZ Levice
SK-2024-01401-253 Able to fly 30.06.2024 roman nahalka Not available OZ Žilina
SK-2022-01204-542 Injured 30.06.2024 Martin S. Šutinský Pavel OZ Prievidza
CRO-2023-12771 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Rastislav Not available OZ Trnava
HU-2022-N-177525 Exhausted 30.06.2024 Béla Not available Not available
RO-2023-57589 Injured 30.06.2024 Filip Valko Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2014-0106-237 Able to fly 30.06.2024 Alice Schobel Not available OZ Bratislava
RO-2023-63011 Able to fly 30.06.2024 Jana Not available OZ Trnava
RO-2020-404265 Dead 29.06.2024 Petra Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2022-0999-9905 Able to fly 29.06.2024 Tomáš Balvan Majtánik Richard OZ Žilina
BE-2023-6104455 Able to fly 29.06.2024 Peter Not available OZ Trnava
AUSTRIA-2023-318-1269 Exhausted 29.06.2024 Mader Not available Not available
BE-2024-4036450 Exhausted 29.06.2024 Lange, Birgit Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2023-0209-2402 Dead 29.06.2024 Jennifer Langmann Not available Not available
SK-2011-0501-621 Exhausted 29.06.2024 Jiri Nikola Not available OZ Trnava
NL-2023-9281648 Exhausted 29.06.2024 Susanne Molitor-Wieninger Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2023-01602-372 Exhausted 29.06.2024 Juraj Bugáň Not available OZ Čadca
CZ-2024-0175-4014 Able to fly 29.06.2024 pavol gálik Not available Not available
SK-2021-01404-260 Dead 29.06.2024 Marek Kohoutek Bulejčík Ján OZ Žilina
SK-2023-0239-1002 Injured 29.06.2024 Katarína Gombíková Not available Not available
PL-2021-030-7508 Exhausted 29.06.2024 Zdeňka Smejkalová Not available Not available
SK-2021-02310-121 Able to fly 29.06.2024 Ján Stacho Patrik Vadel OZ Spišská Nová Ves
SK-2021-01305-559 Able to fly 29.06.2024 Vratislav Malec Behan Jozef OZ Považská Bystrica
SK-2024-02908-279 Injured 29.06.2024 Yana Not available OZ Orava
SK-2024-01704-1716 Exhausted 29.06.2024 Miroslava Duchovna Not available OZ Martin
HU-2023-20-35714 Dead 29.06.2024 Lenka Ondrejechová Not available Not available
SK-2019-02702-563 Exhausted 29.06.2024 V J František Ilčišin OZ Michalovce
HU-2023-31-25459 Able to fly 29.06.2024 Richard Krásny Not available Not available
PL-2022-0120-678 Able to fly 28.06.2024 Dan Not available OZ Bratislava
SK-2008-020-666 Able to fly 28.06.2024 Fuchs Not available Not available
DV-2022-05699-294 Dead 28.06.2024 Markus matt Not available Not available
CZ-2023-0275-4096 Able to fly 28.06.2024 Rado Zelenay Not available Not available
CZ-2023-04096-275 Able to fly 28.06.2024 Rado Zelenay Not available Not available
SK-2023-02007-401 Exhausted 28.06.2024 Peter Not available OZ Pezinok
SK-2022-03604-619 Injured 28.06.2024 Natália Brunnerová Sztahon Štefan OZ Gemer
SK-2022-0102-897 Able to fly 28.06.2024 Pavol Šamaj Ivan Sadloň OZ Bratislava
PL-2024-07-306 Able to fly 28.06.2024 Justyna Not available Not available
SK-2024-0279-2908 Injured 28.06.2024 Yana Not available Not available
NL-2024-8289961 Able to fly 28.06.2024 Jochen Eden Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2023-02311-421 Able to fly 28.06.2024 milos Not available OZ Spišská Nová Ves
SK-2022-03209-692 Able to fly 28.06.2024 Tomas Kondert Krajči Július OZ Brezno
CZ-2024-0224-4606 Able to fly 28.06.2024 Kmec Peter Not available Not available
CZ-2024-0164-203 Able to fly 28.06.2024 Pavel Šutinský Not available Not available
BE-2019-2314670 Able to fly 28.06.2024 Andrew Maxwell Not available OZ Trnava
RO-2022-373 Able to fly 27.06.2024 František Hlavna Not available OZ Trnava
RO-2022-320373 Able to fly 27.06.2024 František Hlavna Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2022-RO-32373 Exhausted 27.06.2024 František Hlavna Not available Not available
SK-2023-0402-286 Able to fly 27.06.2024 MS MUDr. Tomáš Krebes OZ Terchová
SK-2024-01803-276 Able to fly 27.06.2024 Kamil Slíž Not available OZ Levice
SK-2021-01408-818 Injured 27.06.2024 MIRO Turský Milan OZ Žilina
SK-2022-0692-3209 Able to fly 27.06.2024 Tomas Kondert Not available Not available
DV-2018-BDZ-3151 Injured 27.06.2024 Mariusz Młynarkiewicz Not available Not available
RO-2022-32373 Injured 27.06.2024 Monika Not available OZ Trnava
NL-2024-9695304 Able to fly 27.06.2024 Michaela Hendrix Not available OZ Trnava
HU-2024-D-818223 Able to fly 27.06.2024 Imre Botos Not available Not available
NL-2022-8070224 Injured 27.06.2024 Sandra Bissels Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2023-0701-389 Able to fly 27.06.2024 Zoltan Domotor Ján OZ Komárno
SK-2024-01408-1305 Able to fly 27.06.2024 JOZEF BELAK Not available OZ Žilina
BE-2023-6047187 Able to fly 27.06.2024 Voye Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2024-01106-320 Able to fly 27.06.2024 Miro Not available OZ Topoľčany
SK-2023-0510-476 Able to fly 27.06.2024 Miro Not available OZ Trnava
CZ-2023-0236-9374 Injured 27.06.2024 Pfeiffer Not available Not available
SK-2023-01304-80 Injured 27.06.2024 Tomáš Balvan JURICA MIROSLAV OZ Trenčín
PL-2023-0178-7050 Injured 27.06.2024 Hasici Not available Not available
SK-2023-0503-541 Able to fly 26.06.2024 Jozef Korec Pavelka Patrik OZ Trnava
PL-2023-02444-493 Exhausted 26.06.2024 Jozef Kováč Not available Not available
DV-2024-0590-8114 Exhausted 26.06.2024 Diana Irmisch Not available Not available
SK-2019-M-55-2546 Able to fly 26.06.2024 Brieska Luhový Miroslav OZ Považská Bystrica
SK-2019-M-55-55 Exhausted 26.06.2024 Brieska Pazúr Milan OZ Trnava
SK-2024-02803-215 Able to fly 26.06.2024 Straka František Not available OZ Kežmarok
SK-2024-02802-215 Able to fly 26.06.2024 Straka František Not available OZ Kežmarok
HU-2024-D-833886 Able to fly 26.06.2024 Szabolcs Bedő Not available Not available
SK-2023-0405-999 Injured 26.06.2024 milan Hanuliak František OZ Terchová
SK-2024-01004-1737 Able to fly 26.06.2024 Barbirik Igor Not available OZ Nitra
CZ-2023-012-238 Dead 26.06.2024 Udo Danske Not available Not available
SK-2023-02210-15 Exhausted 26.06.2024 Renáta Dravecký Ľubomír OZ Poprad
PL-2024-0501-1691 Injured 26.06.2024 Teresa Not available OZ Trnava
SK-2022-02504-63 Dead 26.06.2024 Jozef Kačmár Not available OZ Prešov
SK-2024-01007-220 Able to fly 26.06.2024 Kamil Slíž Not available OZ Nitra
SK-2023-01204-594 Exhausted 26.06.2024 Michal Kutlák Not available OZ Prievidza
SK-2023-03504-1645 Exhausted 26.06.2024 Svoboda Duda Viliam OZ Sabinov
SK-2022-M-55-877 Exhausted 26.06.2024 Milan Kuban Bačo Ladislav OZ Košice
SK-2023-02105-402 Able to fly 26.06.2024 Lukáš Pravda Not available OZ Rimavská Sobota
SK-2021-01804-171 Exhausted 25.06.2024 Robert Kišš Gál Tibor OZ Levice
SK-2022-G-369 Exhausted 25.06.2024 Veronika Janovíčková Not available Not available
SK-2024-01203-1600 Able to fly 25.06.2024 Julius Krajči Not available OZ Prievidza
SK-2023-02208-36 Able to fly 25.06.2024 Rado Neuvirt Anton OZ Poprad
SK-2023-02606-307 Able to fly 25.06.2024 Rado Not available OZ Bardejov
SK-2022-01610-350 Able to fly 25.06.2024 Milan Not available OZ Čadca
SK-2019-0609-1057 Exhausted 25.06.2024 Roman Jelének KOPRIVŇANSKÝ ONDREJ OZ Trenčín
SK-2024-0609-1057 Exhausted 25.06.2024 Roman Jelének Not available OZ Trenčín
SK-2022-02007-241 Able to fly 25.06.2024 Pavel Skokan Danišovič E+M OZ Pezinok
SK-2024-02110-381 Injured 25.06.2024 Martin Sýkora Not available OZ Rimavská Sobota
SK-2023-0910-440 Able to fly 25.06.2024 Pavol Pitak Not available OZ Šurany
SK-2023-02311-802 Able to fly 25.06.2024 Roman Strnadel Not available OZ Spišská Nová Ves
PL-2022-0170-6509 Exhausted 25.06.2024 Miroslav Babik Not available Not available
SK-2019-0605-744 Dead 25.06.2024 Jan Talaš Kšenzuliak Michal OZ Martin
SK-2023-03210-99 Injured 25.06.2024 Július Šatara MVDr.Zatroch Peter OZ Brezno
SK-2023-0201-4054 Able to fly 25.06.2024 Jan Partl Not available OZ Senica
SK-2023-0305-1422 Able to fly 25.06.2024 Tomáš sulik Not available OZ Ružomberok
AUSTRIA-2022-105-1356 Able to fly 25.06.2024 M Kohut Not available Not available
PL-2023-0184-7714 Dead 25.06.2024 Miroslav Babik Not available Not available
SK-2022-0105-1356 Able to fly 25.06.2024 M Kohut Not available OZ Bratislava
SK-2024-03501-1905 Injured 25.06.2024 Pavol Not available OZ Sabinov
CZ-2023-06-725 Dead 25.06.2024 Thaler Siegfried Not available Not available
CZ-2023-0725-6 Dead 25.06.2024 Thaler Siegfried Not available Not available
SK-2024-01905-3501 Injured 25.06.2024 Pavol Not available OZ Zvolen
SK-2023-0401-211 Exhausted 25.06.2024 Zsofi Franek Peter st.1961 OZ Terchová
SK-2022-01104-62 Exhausted 25.06.2024 Ludmila Křivánková Somora Jozef+Rudolf OZ Topoľčany
SK-2021-01205-234 Dead 25.06.2024 Stefanie Möckel Barborka Jozef + Fábry Dušan OZ Prievidza
SK-2024-0904-1159 Able to fly 25.06.2024 Stanislav Hanzlík Not available OZ Šurany