Report lost pigeon

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You should find 3 or 4 pieces of data on pigeon's ring (depending on country). Every pigeon has unique combination of ring data.

  1. Country code: usually 2 or more characters describing country of origin. Examples: SK, CZ, HUNG, AUSTRIA, NL, BELG...
  2. Year: 2 or 4 digits describing year of pigeon's hatching. Examples: 02, 10, 14 or 2002, 2010, 2014...
  3. Organisation (optional): used only by some federations (Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, German...). Code of organisation usually starts by zero. Please do not mix it with ring number. Examples: 0107, 0400, 03779... Sometimes it can be special string like DERBY, OLIMPIA, VR98, M-55, PZHGP
  4. Ring number: numeric value, unique for ring series. Examples: 12, 397, 12556...

Please always use this specific order while reporting a lost pigeon. You can separate the data by white space, dash, comma, colon or semicolon...


  • SK 12 02302 841
  • CZ 08 0245 652
  • DV 12 03548 3214
  • BELG 11 1254788
  • PL 11 PZHGP 45878
  • PL 14 0235 6874
  • HU 11 D 45878
  • HU 14 06 6548

International reporting tools for lost pigeons

List of reported pigeons


Band number Pigeon condition Date Reported by Fancier Organisation Detail
DV-2021-DV-1769 Able to fly 18.11.2021 Robin Sykes Not available Not available
HU-2021-28-67052 Exhausted 12.09.2021 Bege Lóránt Not available Not available
HU-2018-D-414701 Exhausted 01.09.2021 DrHardonyi András Not available Not available
DRPC-2021-EMIRATES-2184 Exhausted 21.07.2021 Sachin Not available Not available
UAE-2019-CE-100058 Injured 03.07.2021 MARION OPRECIO Not available Not available
UAE-2020-DRPC-1001912 Able to fly 24.11.2020 Vighnesh Not available Dubai Racing Pigeons Club
UAE-2019-DRPC-842 Able to fly 05.11.2020 Wayne Pennefather Not available Dubai Racing Pigeons Club
UAE-2020-DRPC-1005255 Injured 20.10.2020 Evan Not available Dubai Racing Pigeons Club
MA-2020-38900 Able to fly 25.09.2020 Sfaty Youness Not available Not available
DRPC-2012-09-2020 Dead 13.09.2020 Jaime d Not available Not available
UAE-2020-URPC-2001253 Exhausted 12.09.2020 Jaime d Not available Umm Al-Quwain Racing Pigeons Club
UAE-2020-63-101325 Exhausted 02.07.2020 JANE Not available Not available
KSA-2014-86827 Able to fly 03.04.2020 esmaeil Not available Not available
KUWAIT-2020-WAFRA-31005 Able to fly 24.03.2020 Yousef Alhees Not available Not available
UAE-2019-DRPC-100115 Dead 13.01.2020 Yousef Farah Not available Dubai Racing Pigeons Club
PORTUGAL-2016-H-6293759 Able to fly 14.03.2019 يوسف Not available Not available