Professional Race Results for Racing Pigeon Fanciers

Online Solution

  • Calculate & Publish Results with 1 click
  • Electronic Data Import from various ETS Brands
  • All Data available online 24/7 with daily backup
  • Easy Administration & Complete online documentation

Results & Competitions

  • Official FCI Results or custom Race Results just as you need it
  • Custom competitions based on Point systems or coefficients
  • Automatic daily recalculation of Competitions
  • Absolute transparency with easy way to check if calculated data is correct

Benefits for Fanciers

  • Sortable list of all successful pigeons with complete Race Records
  • Individual pigeon profiles with complete history of race records by Season and type of Results
  • Printing individual Race achievements with official Results headers
  • Powerful tool for Distance calculation - individual, club or whole organisation

What we heard

  • Pigeon Race Results for Pigeon Fanciers

    Miroslav Luhový

    Považská Bystrica, Slovakia

    Detailed view in competitions easily allows me to focus on my best Racers for each category. No more wasting time with looking for best coefficients, everything is available with just a few clicks

  • Pigeon and Loft management software

    Alojz Barbírik

    Bratislava, Slovakia

    Easy, intuitive and transparent race results with complete individual race history for every pigeon. Great software for organisations and individual fanciers as well.

  • Benzing, Tipes, TauRIS and Mega data import

    Peter Blahušiak

    Martin, Slovakia

    Easy data import, multiple ETS Brand support along with manual data input for older types of clocks make MyPigeons Nr. 1 calculation software for racing pigeons fanciers.

  • Pigeon Competitions calculated daily

    Milan & Jaroslav Mojzeš

    Sabinov, Slovakia

    National competitions are re-calculated every day, all uploaded race data is immediately available online, National races results are finished within few days... We say YES :)

Full of features

MyPigeons offers rich variety of essential solutions and tools for Racing Pigeon fanciers and it is ready to fulfil any custom requirements.

Pigeon Race Results on Map

Google Maps Integration

View first Pigeons on Map for first live data, first official data inputs or for all Results Types. Check any loft position with Satellite view or view Liberation Sites directly on Google Maps. With us it is just one Click of a button

New Generation of Pigeon Race Results

Race Results Differently

No more boring tables with text and numbers. Fanciers can add their Pictures to the Results, they can click on their Pigeons to view their profiles, filter the results by name or Club, switch to printer friendly version and more...

Pigeon Race Results by FCI regulations

FCI Compatible

MyPigeons offers Calculation of official Results that comply with all FCI regulations including FCI Coefficient calculation (standard and cat.E) and automatic calculation of all Sport Categories for Racing Pigeon Olympiads.

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